This is a long one.

Let’s start where it counts, her. She’s doing really well. USN, 1st grade, new friends, Chinese, reading, singing, writing songs and stories, robots, computers, ballet, and developing a real love for learning. #nashvillecreates

Thank you for asking.


Getting there, thank you.

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Back From The Dead

Part One

The love of my life died on July 28th at 4:53am, 2015. Nothing has been the same since. I have kept my head above water, mostly for our little girl, and her mom’s memory. 

After months and months of slogging Maggie and I went to the beach for a respite this past September/October. To put our butts in the sand. To feel the wind and the salt and the sea. To see the sky at night, where it is truly dark at the edge of the water…

My gift arrived near the end of 7 weeks at the beach.

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