{back from the dead part two}

Maggie at USN.jpeg

This is a long one.

Let’s start where it counts, her. She’s doing really well. USN, 1st grade, new friends, Chinese, reading, singing, writing songs and stories, robots, computers, ballet, and developing a real love for learning. #nashvillecreates

Thank you for asking.


Getting there, thank you.

I have spent a lot of my life living in the future. These days… not so much. Losing Joanna slowed me down… waaaaay down. Grief is a windy road, with lots of potholes along the way. But I got the thing that mattered right. Her. #maggiegracemontgomery #daddylife #enjoywhatyoubuild #youngbull

She’s thriving. And I survived.

So now what? What to do with the time left? Watching a vibrant life extinguished before my eyes helped me get my priorities straight in a hurry. We all have to face things — tragedy, illness, death, depression, debilitation — in one way or another in our lives, I just never thought it would happen to me. To us. Like it did.

Forward is the only way. No matter what your loss, it will get better, you will recover. Life will go on. A new normal will reveal itself.

the new normal.